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Bubbles 1 & 2
(6 and 7 years old)

Languages change your life

Bubbles 1 and Bubbles 2 are two levels in an English-language program for non-native children between 6 and 7 years old.

This program was created taking into account their cognitive characteristics. For this reason, the program contains a wide variety of topics that appeal to their curiosity and interest.

In each level, there are two books: the Course Book and the Workbook. These books contain different types of exercises through which the four linguistic skills are developed. With Bubbles, students start to do reading and writing exercises. In the first level, they trace and read key vocabulary and, little by little, they gain the ability to complete phrases and texts as well as answer questions.

Students work on the lesson contents through active participation in a variety of activities that include: songs, rhymes, games, arts & crafts and experiments. The objective is that students put into practice everything they learn.

All the contents are taught and explained in English only so that the language can be understood and used in a spontaneous manner.

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