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Catalan in Andorra

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The official language of the Principality of Andorra is Catalan.

Much of the Andorran population is foreign. According to the distribution of the population by nationality, the majority come from Spain, Portugal and France.

In order to promote the official language, with the objective that all immigrants learn Catalan, since 1988 the Servei de Política Lingüística of the Andorran Government has taken charge of this promotion through the following resources:

  • Free telephone assessment.
  • Linguistic promotion campaigns and promotion of Catalan (Voluntaris per la Llengua).
  • The publication of vocabularies.
  • Dissemination of legislation regulating the use of the official language.
  • The creation of Catalan self-learning centres where users can find a wealth of methods and materials for learning the language. Users choose the day and time they want to devote to their studies. Catalan self-learning centres are free and remain open almost all year round.

To supplement these public resources, inlingua offers Catalan courses in Andorra to the residents of the country, and teachers who teach other languages working at inlingua.

In addition to group and individual courses held throughout the year, inlingua offers intensive Catalan courses during the summer.

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