In our courses, we find the solution that suits the needs of each student and his or her learning style. Our individual or group language courses are designed to suit the requirements of our customers and can be started at any time. Whether you are interested in group or individual classes, or maybe a course designed specifically for people who have little time on their hands – inlingua is suited for anyone. The courses can be flexible, both in duration and in programming, and are either general or specific.

The inlingua method emphasizes the oral area of the language, although it doesn´t leave out any of the four language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Private courses

For those who have specific language needs and also for those who have few hours in which to study languages, or have difficult working hours to allow extra time for knuckling down with study, inlingua offers private lessons that can be adapted to the student’s availability.

With this type of course, students can choose the number of sessions, adapting them to their own availability.

Details of the courses:

  • The students set their own goals.
  • The course is designed according to the specific needs of the student (for example to acquire basic skills, to revise the passive voice, to prepare for specific situations, etc.).
  • The course´s progress is based entirely on the rhythm set by the students, and the teachers will concentrate completely on your specific needs.
  • The student establishes the schedule depending on availability.
  • The learner decides where classes will be held (at work, at home or in one of our centres).
  • Prices depend on the number of contracted hours.
  • Any classes held outside of inlingua centres may be subject to a surcharge to offset expenses.

Group courses

For both beginners and advanced students, group courses offer an active, varied and entertaining learning environment. These courses take place once or twice a week, so they are compatible with tight work schedules.

Details of the courses:

  • We focus on maximizing oral and written comprehension, oral expression and writing.
  • Courses take place once or twice a week, with a total duration of two hours.
  • There are a limited number of students per class. The groups usually have from four to eight pupils.
  • If the student has already studies the language,, he or she can be placed on a course with the same level at any time, instead of waiting for a new course to start.
  • If you already have knowledge of the language you want to study, but you cannot decide which level best suits you, you can take a free test with one of the teachers at inlingua.

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