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Go World!
(from 10 years of age)

Languages change your life

Go World! 1 is aimed at young learners who have completed the Junior 1 and Junior 2 books and want to achieve the level A2.

The book is divided into 15 course book units and 15 extra practice units, the extra practice is placed at the back of the book. Each unit contains, vocabulary and speaking activities, a grammar page, reading activities, listening and writing. Each extra practice unit contains 3 extra pages of interesting and useful exercises.

You will also find that the activities from the book are mostly based on the ones that appear in the A2 Key and Key for Schools exam from Cambridge University. It is a book with young learners in mind so the topics from every unit are diverse and fun and cover the different vocabulary sets that students should know at this level.

Go World! 2 strives to bridge the gap between A2 and B1 English.

Each unit revises the fundamental grammar of Key and Key for Schools whilst introducing the key vocabulary and structures of Preliminary and Preliminary for Schools.

Students will explore this target language through the discussion of carefully chosen, thought provoking topics spread across 15 diverse units. In addition to exams, students will also be encouraged to complete interactive tasks and deliver oral presentations throughout the course.

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