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Languages change your life

With more than 350 centres spread across more than 40 countries, inlingua invites you to follow your language training abroad, in the cultural context of the country.

As a complement to your training or as a unique program to participate in, the stay allows you to take part in a total immersion of the language you wish to study – progressing quickly and effectively.

inlingua promotes and organises language immersion stays to study languages at any of their schools, be it in Manchester, Cheltenham, Edinburgh, London, New York, Vancouver…

The stays can be made throughout the year and will respect, in each case, the continuity of the study plans and curricular programs used on the inlingua School of origin. So, this ensures that students ‘ progression is constant.

Language courses abroad are highly effective for the schooling world and also for the professional. Thanks to the multicultural context and total dedication to the language, the level required is reached quickly.

If you are in are interested in a specific working career, you can pursue different modules: Meetings, Presentations, Social Networking, Negotiations, E-mail Writing or Financial English, amongst others.

Classes can be individual, or in group. inlingua will assess each student individually to choose the option that best suits his or her needs. This way, the stay will allow you to learn the language quickly and efficiently.

Professional language stays.


inlingua Miami
Located in the State of Florida, Miami nowadays is a city open to international trade. Known for its pedestrian streets, its architecture gives it a Mediterranean air which makes it an ideal destination to learn English while enjoying a good environment alongside a mild climate.



inlingua Cape Town
inlingua is situated in Green Point, a luxurious shopping mall known for its restaurants and trendy shops.

inlingua also offers the possibility to learn English at the same time as making a safari.



inlingua Rouen
Located in Normandy, Rouen is a beautiful and peaceful city with a great history. inlingua Rouen offers the possibility to learn or improve your French in either a personalized way or in a group, and has an interesting social programme.



inlingua Pescara
Located in the region of Abruzzo, Pescara is a thriving economic center. Next to the Adriatic Sea, it is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the culture and language of the country.



inlingua Santander
Being the Cantabrian capital, and situated in a privileged landscape, it is known for being the most important tourist and academic part of Northern Spain.

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