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Languages change your life

One of the factors which determines success in the learning of a language is the wide range of exclusive inlingua materials to help achieve it.

inlingua materials have been developed exclusively for inlingua centers by experts from around the world, and cannot be bought outside of these centres.

inlingua schools include a Centre for Research, Innovation and Development, where educational materials are designed, adapting them to the most innovative trends in language teaching.

GPP Program

The inlingua GPP (General Purpose Program) is for young people and adults, and is the most used in the Principality.

This program, which can be applied to all languages, has been created for those who want to follow a program of languages in general. Vocabulary and situations are therefore inspired by the everyday world and include socio-cultural aspects of the language.

The GPP starts at a basic level and allows a good level of language acquisition, giving the student the basic grammar and vocabulary, a level equivalent to C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR) and TOEFL scores.

All levels of the GPP consist of a textbook, a workbook, a CD with supplementary audio exercises and a multimedia CD-ROM. Each level takes place in an academic year, from June to September.

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Printed Materials

inlingua textbooks are used assupport material in class. The texts are suited to the level, linguistic structure, vocabulary and theme of the class. Each unit includes tracking exercises, exercises in listening and communication, as well as linguistic and grammar activities, which enrich vocabulary and linguistic knowledge.


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Every textbook has an audio CD that can be used during class or at home. There is also a supplementary text comprehension CD for textbooks 1-3 of the program.


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inlingua students can use iPads and other types of tablets and smartphones to access the widerange of activities on our blended learning platform. In the classrooms, on the other hand, the teachers have all the resources needed to make the classes interesting and varied.


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Teacher’s book

The teacher’s resource pack (TRP) offers detailed guidance on the presentation and practice of vocabulary and structures, giving the teacher a clear outline to follow during the entire session. The TRP follows the same sequence as the student textbook. One of its special features is that it contains additional support material for each unit.