The courses offered by inlingua centres are a key element for the success of learning. The courses are suited to the needs of the students. They adapt themselves to different learning environments, from personal or group orientation, to intensive courses or courses for obtaining certificates, as well as tutorials focusing on individual problems. These courses may be taught in schools, students’ offices or in their own home.

GPP (General Purpose Program)
This program is for young people and adults who need to develop their linguistic skills for everyday communication and is the most used in the Principality.

This program, which has been followed in all languages, has been created for those people who want to follow a more general language program. Vocabulary and work situations are inspired by the everyday world and include socio-cultural aspects of the language.

The GPP program starts at a basic level for students with no previous knowledge of the language and allows them to progress, putting in place a foundation of basic grammar and vocabulary. It reaches a level equivalent to the C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and all TOEFL scores.

All levels of the GPP program consist of a textbook, a workbook of exercises, a CD with supplementary audio exercises and a multimedia CD-ROM. Each level takes place in an academic year, from September to June.

APP (Accelerated Professional Program)
Courses include a series of APP materials designed exclusively for people who want to learn languages efficiently, to use them in the workplace quickly.

The goal of the program is to quickly implement the material learned in the professional environment and achieve a higher degree of expertise in communication skills.

APP materials cover levels 1-3 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and TOEFL scores.

From the most basic levels, the materials are based on possible situations in the working environment.

APP materials consist of textbooks, exercise books, audio CDs, CD-ROMs, videos and complementary worksheets.

The program provides comprehensive training to quickly put into practice the skills needed to move comfortably within the competitive professional field of business.

The modules are courses with specific themes for students with a level equivalent or superior to Level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). They are placed in a professional context and are used to improve the level of language when their own personal work requires it. These courses are also suitable for individual classes.

Students can choose from different specifically designed modules, such as Business Writing, Negotiating, Meetings or Telephoning.

Each module includes a CD with audio material which provides opportunities for specific practice of the language and for a focused analysis of the structures of which the professional world is formed. The materials which make up the modules place the students in real life communicative contexts, which helps enhance their motivation.

The course provides real-life situations which take place in the business world, thus introducing students to specific and versatile language, practised in authentic contexts.

The chosen language is directly linked to strategies used in business communication, allowing participants to apply their professional skills to the speaking and writing of the English language. The courses also cover communication techniques between other non-native speakers.