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Languages change your life

The learning of languages becomes more professional, efficient and fun thanks to inlingua Online Learning (iOL).

iOL consists of a series of activities and multimedia exercises that complement the inlingua centres, thus combining the benefits of face-to-face classes in our schools with the use of new technologies such as the Internet.

These activities provide additional educational resources that enrich the face-to-face training and include a variety of exercises, facilitating the acquisition of new vocabulary, speech development and understanding, in addition to increasing the knowledge of grammar and functional language use.

iOL contains a workbook to supplement and reinforce the learning of different languages. Students have references and grammar and vocabulary exercises, dictionaries, links to websites, etc. A series of icons that appear on the screen will help the student at all times. Different types of exercises are classified according to the level of the student.

With individual access codes, every student can connect from any computer on the Internet and access their personal record of results, news and acquire personal dictionaries with dynamic vocabulary review exercises.

iOL also allows teachers to prepare tailor-made exercises for your students, using the grammatical structures that are necessary to strengthen technical and vocabulary needed in each case. This ensures that learning is personalized.

iOL is constantly evolving, developing new content and adapting to new technologies.

Learner’s benefits

Learn at any time, anywhere
Are you traveling frequently and find it hard to learn a language since you sometimes miss classes? Not a problem any more! inlingua Online Learning is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from anywhere in the world. iOL supports mobile access from a wide range of smartphones and tablet PCs.

Tailor-made learning
Individual learning paths for tailor-made language training are easily produced. As a consequence, iOL is an excellent tool to help the language learner work individually, and thus allows a certain level to be reached more efficiently.

Extra motivation
The user-friendly system contains an extensive range of varied exercises. An independent messaging system allows easy communication with trainers and fellow language learners – and offers lots of fun to the user.

Company’s benefits

Efficient tracking system
The integrated tracking system saves personal information, completed activities and exercises, words consulted in the dictionary, personal learning paths and results. inlingua centers can send periodical reports that monitor progress and show activities done to companies and/or individual language learners.

Up-to-date technology
iOL allows faster reaction to new trends. The tool is continuously updated. With iOL, companies offer their employees language learning at its best with efficient state-of-the-art technology and up-to-date exercises.

Better results
iOL is practical and fun to use. As a consequence, language learners will be motivated to learn a new language and will enhance their language skills much faster.


General content
iOL includes an extensive range of varied exercises and reference material. It is designed to help with the acquisition of vocabulary, the development of speaking and listening skills, increasing grammatical understanding, and exercising the functional language.

Predefined Learning Paths
In addition to this substantial collection of online material, inlingua has developed even more online content for efficient language learning. Learning paths are sets of predefined exercises and activities which were developed by professional inlingua linguists. They contain extra exercises for all units of the main levels of both the Business English and General English series of inlingua material as well as the modules.

Tailor-made exercises
iOL allows inlingua trainers to conveniently produce individual learning paths and exercises of all kinds, and thus opens an infinite field of opportunities to offer customers tailor-made courses and exercises, e.g. by using specific vocabulary of the customers business environment.

Aprendre idiomes a inlingua esdevé més professional, eficient i divertit gràcies a l’inlingua Online Learning (iOL).