Children have begun to learn English successfully at inlingua from 1 year of age. The materials in the DOTS series have been designed to meet the specific needs of the youngest students. Once the DOTS levels are completed, they can continue with the JUNIOR program and follow on with the TEENS program.

As well as oral comprehension, the Junior and Teens programs focus on other aspects of linguistic and grammatical abilities in the English Language.

The Junior program is a comprehensive course of inlingua English ranging from beginner to intermediate level. It is designed for children from 8 years of age. These courses introduce elements of learning and memorization that allow the student to acquire a certain level of spontaneous communication in English.

This program has four levels, and classes take place twice a week, in groups with a maximum of eight participants. For each level there is a text book, an audio CD and a book of exercises. Once the Junior stage comes to an end, they commence the Teens program, which is aimed at adolescents.

The Teens program consists of six levels, from beginner to intermediate level. It is designed for students from the age of 14.

The four levels of Teens are designed so that, once completed, students are ready to take the First Certificate in English examination or other equivalent qualifications.

These programs are held during the academic year from September to June.