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One-to-One Courses

Languages change your life

For those who have specific language needs and also for those who have few hours in which to study languages, or have difficult working hours to allow extra time for knuckling down with study, inlingua offers private lessons that can be adapted to the student’s availability.

With this type of course, students can choose the number of sessions, adapting them to their own availability.

Details of the courses:

  • The students set their own goals.
  • The course is designed according to the specific needs of the student (for example to acquire basic skills, to revise the passive voice, to prepare for specific situations, etc.).
  • The course´s progress is based entirely on the rhythm set by the students, and the teachers will concentrate completely on your specific needs.
  • The student establishes the schedule depending on availability.
  • The learner decides where classes will be held (at work, at home or in one of our centres).
  • Prices depend on the number of contracted hours.
  • Any classes held outside of inlingua centres may be subject to a surcharge to offset expenses.

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