inlingua Andorra
Crossing Language Barriers

Ferran Costa

Managing this school is very rewarding. It is a great chance to be able to work in a team with people of different origin, with a wide panel of professional backgrounds.

I‘ve always liked teaching, and what I like best is teaching languages, especially English, which I am still doing today.

Moreover, nowadays knowing foreign languages is essential in our globalised world. Considering all this, our purpose is to provide the best linguistic services.

Susanna Tarragona

As the manager of Inlingua Schools in Andorra, my role is to encourage teamwork and good collaboration between administrative staff and teachers from our schools, taking into account the miscellaneous students’ concerns and learning needs.

In this way, I can ensure that both contents and the quality of lessons guarantee an optimal learning of the chosen language.

Chris Aguilar

Hi! I am Chris and I am the guy in charge Marketing at inlingua Andorra.

I manage the website, social media channels and corporate image of the company. I enjoy creating the images and texts for our online and print advertisements, posts and campaigns.

Mayte Ulrich

Finance and HR
I have been in charge of ensuring the financial security of the company for years now. My position within inlingua is, at first glance, one which passes more unnoticed, but at the end of the day is much more important than it seems.

Numbers are my passion, and when these numbers add up nicely, it can be quite gratifying!

Esther Torres

Administration - Central
Tel. 80 70 60
Hello! I have been at inlingua for a very long time, and I’ve been able to work in the schools at both Escaldes and Andorra la Vella, where you’ll now find me developing the role of Head of Administration.

Don’t hesitate to call me for any questions. I provide information on stays abroad, language courses, courses for companies or whatever you need.

If there’s something that you can’t resolve, we will seek the support of our Director or the appropriate individual.

Sandra Moreno

Administration - Central
Tel. 80 70 60
Hello! I am Sandra. I am the Coordinator of the Central school.

I enjoy welcoming a number of students every evening, who come to learn languages while having a brilliant time!

My task is to coordinate classes and teachers, and to ensure that all material is appropriate, depending on the levels and timetables. I also support teachers during their classes.

Meritxell Martínez

Administration - Escaldes
Tel. 86 61 11
Hi, I’m Meri! You will find me at inlingua Escaldes ensuring that all aspects of the school run smoothly.

I am in charge of coordinating teachers and students, young and old, to meet their needs. I also provide support for teachers when necessary

If you would like more information or have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to come to inlingua Escaldes. I will welcome you with open arms!

Pepa Barbero

Administration - Encamp
Tel. 83 27 40
Hello! I am Pepa and you will find me every afternoon from Monday to Thursday at Encamp. My main tasks are to look after students and their parents, informing them and helping them with any doubts, assisting those who are interested in our products, organizing seminars and materials, coordinating teachers, and ensuring that the Encamp school runs smoothly.

For me, it’s been a very pleasant experience working at inlingua, primarily working with younger children because they teach me new things every day.

Our Teachers

Our schools have a highly qualified teaching staff.

Language teachers from various backgrounds teach courses to children, young people and adults. In addition to teaching them a new language, they also pass on their love and passion for the culture and traditions that surround the target language.

It is a luxury to have teachers who are fully involved in the teaching and academic progress of each student.

Truca ara